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In 2013 classic striptease artist, producer, instructor and jazz singer- Sydni Deveraux “The Golden Glamazon” was recognized worldwide with the award of 1st Runner Up for Queen at the Burlesque Hall of Fame Weekend which supports the Exotic World Museum, making her the current Reigning Princess of Burlesque. She is also ranked in the top 50 burlesque performers of 2011, 2012 and 2013 as polled by the online magazine- 21st Century Burlesque. Having performed and taught internationally and nationally in multiple festivals and shows from her hometown all the way to places such as Finland, Amsterdam and Switzerland- her talents are featured in acclaimed shows that showcase the brightest and most recognized talents in the world.

With beautiful alluring features, and at a statuesque and very leggy 6'2", she is one of the tallest established performers the business. Sydni's charming performance style is an entertaining mix of wit, finesse and sophisticated musicality.

As an instructor and blogger- Sydni teaches a multitude of classes all over the world at festivals, BurlyCon, as well as teaching privately. You can find her musing publicly at “Living In A Glitter Wonderland”- answering performer’s tough questions and discussing a range of topics pertaining to the art form and its inhabitants. Her writing has been featured by 21st Century Burlesque, The Berlesker (literary journal), and read by thousands of people worldwide.

As a producer of a multitude of successful shows over the years- including Seattle's longest running weekly review with a rotating cast "Burlesque Behind the Pink Door" (in the historic Pike Place Market)-Sydni Deveraux has been a fixture in the burlesque community for over 8 years. Sydni is currently bi-coastal, now living, performing and producing in NYC but travels often to Seattle.

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